Team Recognition at Westwood Residential

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  • 06.11.15
  • 12:53 pm

Westwood Residential and Taylor Land Two Company is devoted to finding motivated, talented and intelligent people to serve — and ultimately shine — in many capacities within our company.  The team members recognized below are a perfect example of the unique and talented employees that continue our tradition of excellence in customer service.

Property of the Month



Our superstar team at Gateway Cedars.

Gateway Cedars

This month we shine our spotlight on Gateway Cedars in Forney, TX although they hardly need a spotlight to see them shine after the lightning fast lease up they just completed!  The Gateway Cedars lease up started in August 2014, before opening the doors of a temporary leasing office they had 61 leases strictly from social media advertising and the construction sign. Once the team opened the doors of the temporary office in mid-September they had leased 190 more within six months. Within one short month of opening their club house in March 2015 they reached the goal of 100% Leased! The record setting numbers give the Gateway Cedars Team, led by Sherri Cooley, true bragging rights and a deserved feeling of such an AWESOME accomplishment! With a dream leasing team made up of Kaitlyn Seidel, Kat Ellerbee, and Morgan McBee and a stellar Maintenance Staff including Victor Padilla, James Bechard, Tommy Robertson, and Rosa Guzman we feel confident that as this team takes on its next phase breaking ground, they will shine bright again! Congratulations on a job well done and great property, Gateway Cedars!  Thanks for being a wonderful example of what teamwork and hard work can produce!!

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Employees of the Month



Team member, Rosa Aguirre.

Rosa Aguirre

Rosa Aguirre has been the Assistant Manager at Alanza Place in central Phoenix for just under a year. In that short amount of time she has drastically improved the collections and has made a huge impact on the daily operations of our property. Thanks to Rosa’s persistence the property has closed out with zero delinquency since the beginning of 2015! Her desire to be the best that she can is infectious and motivates those around her. She shows up every day with a warm smile on her face and is always willing to do the extra work to get the job done. Rosa is a true superstar at Alanza Place and her exceptional dedication to our community and those that surround her is a gift to experience. Rosa loves spending quality time with her family, especially her babies (grandchildren). Rosa is temporarily out of the office on leave so with all our hearts, we send many get well wishes and thank you for everything you do!


Team member, Pedro Marrufo.

Pedro Marrufo

Pedro Marrufo has been the deeply valued Porter at La Paloma for almost 14 years! He has been more than an asset to our community and remains a constant reminder that getting older only means getting better. His dedication to La Paloma and hard work every day has kept our grounds looking fantastic throughout the years. His work ethic only comes second to his cheerfulness and smiling face every day. Pedro has not only made our lives easier and happier but is a truly positive example of what it means to be a dear friend, father and grandfather. He has recently decided to retire where he will continue his love of working on cars as well as traveling to hidden gems in New Mexico such as Chimayo and further out to San Antonio to visit family. Pedro is more than an employee at La Paloma, he’s become family and he will be missed greatly! Best of luck to Pedro and thank you for your many dedicated years of service!


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